Alanna Imbach / Vibe Coworks

Alanna Imbach is the CEO and Cofounder of Vibe Coworks, Kitsap’s largest, most cutting-edge shared workspace and coworking community. She uses her expertise as a storyteller, partnership builder and scrappy innovator to revolutionize the world of work+life, build communities and help businesses and nonprofits drive people to action.   Continue reading

Amy Sanford Schmidt / Lilypad Business Services & Consulting

As a child, I enjoyed putting jigsaw puzzles together and could concentrate for hours on end.  I always started with the outside pieces then worked my way in by color groupings.  This activity prepared me for business well.  I knew I would be in business at a young age but just not sure the role I would play. Continue reading

This company aims to get fax machines out of the health care industry. Seattle Biz Journal Who's raising: BloomAPI pulls in .4 million

The coming “office crisis” mirrors region’s housing crunch. Seattle Biz Journal Shortage of office space looms over the Puget Sound region

By Jay Kipp, Broker Home of the Day is presented by the Puget Sound Business Journal with Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty. This is your invitation to view some of Seattle’s most-luxurious properties. Come inside and…

The closings and bankruptcy are part of the San Francisco-based company’s restructuring plans in response to widening challenges in the retail industry. Seattle Biz Journal Gymboree's bankruptcy shutters 10 Washington children's clothing stores

Wu knew hardly anyone in Seattle when she started in real estate. Four years later she was at the table when a downtown high-rise development site sold for $25 million. Seattle Biz Journal Women Who…

Growing up in a small town, we used to handle all our own chores.  There were no cleaning services that came to the house, no extra special coaches for lessons (the high school coach did…

Aaron Schmookler/ The YES Works

Aaron Schmookler had his first article on creativity and innovation published at the age of eleven, when the editor of a parenting magazine noticed his innovative mindset and asked him to write about taking inspiration for play wherever you can find it. Continue reading

Dave Frederick / The Coffee Oasis

Dave Frederick is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Coffee Oasis.

The Coffee Oasis’ vision is to change the world for homeless youth in one community after another through evidence-based programs supported by sustainable coffee businesses. Continue reading