5 Ways Pokémon Go Can Help Your Business

In the 70’s we had the Pet Rock, in the 80’s it was Cabbage Patch Kids, the 90’s was Beanie Babies and today we have the latest craze, PokemonGO.  The difference with this fad is that it is attracting the attention of adults.  Some are the young adults that might have played with the original Pokémon games and cards from 20 years ago.  But it is even attracting the 40 somethings, and if Grandma hears enough about it, we might be seeing our senior citizens playing as they go on their daily walks.

So for those that are still messing with their Pet Rocks and have not heard about PokemonGO, here is a simple explanation.  Using a phone App, the player wanders the real world hunting for animated Pokémon monsters.  Gathering Pokémon, builds your collection and makes you more powerful to battle other players in game Gyms.

The game is causing people to walk in areas where they might not regularly go.  Pokestops can be anywhere.  Your business may have a Pokémon and you not even know it.

So how do us business owners and managers get these people walking around our stores to look at our businesses?

Here are 5 things you can do to generate business from PokemonGO.

  • 1) Get the game and see if there are any Pokémon, Pokestops or Gyms in your business or nearby.
  • 2) Advertise what Pokémon can be found inside.
  • 3) The game makes players walk a lot, and people are going to get thirsty, so if you are a restaurant you might start a Pokémon Happy Hour, with discounted drinks.
  • 4) Retailers should post screenshots of the Pokémon hanging out at your business. Try and stage the shot to highlight the goods that you sell.
  • 5) Come up with some kind of reward or coupon for customers that post Pokémon images with your business on social media.

PokemonGo like most things will eventually fade, so make Your Smart Money Moves and take advantage of the excitement today.

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