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At Your Service Plumbing, Inc. was founded in 1984 under the name of K & M Plumbing Service, Inc. The primary focus was new residential construction. In 1999, this family operated business, started by Mr. Rod Thaut who was our “wizard of plumbing”, quickly built a solid reputation for outstanding service and professional workmanship where the client’s family always comes first in the residential service and repair market.

That legacy continues today to honor the memory of Rod, who passed in 2010. At Your Service Plumbing, Inc. strives to be different from any other residential plumbing service company in the Tacoma/ Pierce County area. Our number one goal is to provide legendary customer service in a caring and professional manner.

We focus on you, the client, committing to humbly serve with honesty, integrity and respect while assisting you to maintain, repair or update your home plumbing system. We focus on our team members and commit to provide a friendly, safe and productive environment, giving them an opportunity to learn, grow and thrive not only in their career but also in their lives.  Finally we focus on being financially responsible so we may continue to provide quality service to our clients and a secure future for our team members.

Kathy serves as the General Manager overseeing the At Your Service Plumbing team. She attends many workshops, seminars and trainings to stay on top of the new products and services so the AYSP team will always be ready to serve their clients in the best way possible. Service is not just a word, though; it has to come from the heart. Kathy encourages each team member to always serve clients with the AYSP core values – honesty and truth, care and compassion and quality and excellence, while employing their expertise and experience to take care of the task at hand. When not working to improve the legendary service provided by AYSP, Kathy enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren.



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Kathy Thaut / At Your Service Plumbing

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