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Did you ever want to take an MBA course in entrepreneurship? Well, we've got the crash course.
On The Shrimp Tank, we interview some of the brightest and best CEO's around the country to
get the executive course on becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Kevin Mills / PlayCzar, LLC

Kevin Mills is a product designer, artist, inventor and master craftsman with 25 years of experience designing and building limited-production and one-of-a-kind solutions for fine art museums, children’s museums, furniture boutiques, private aircraft, and a permanent 4-ton bronze monument at the Hoover Dam. Continue reading

Michael Pickles / Cornerstone Financial Strategies

Mike, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional, joined Cornerstone Financial Strategies as a Managing Partner and Co-Owner, in September 2012, bringing his now twenty years of experience in the financial-services industry to benefit the family of Cornerstone clients. Previously with Vanguard, one of the world’s largest mutual-fund companies, 

Continue reading

Steve Rabago ZimpleMoney.com

Steve Rabago is a seasoned advisor, entrepreneur and professional CEO with over 40 years of experience in financial services, oil production, mobility, location technology, education and consulting. Continue reading

Ruben Arias Jr. / EL Toro Restaurants

Ruben Arias Jr. is the executive manager and partner at EL Toro Restaurants, a family owned and operated group of restaurants founded by his father in 1979 in Lakewood, WA.  Ruben is a Tacoma, WA native graduating from Bellarmine Preparatory School in 2001. Continue reading

Nic Lind / Commencement Bay Brokers

Nic  is co-founder and Principal of Commencement Bay Brokers. An expert negotiator for their clients, Nic provides leadership and accountability to the team as well. He is passionate about sharing a world class experience with his clients to create raving fans and lasting relationships. Continue reading

Dr. Peter Lehmann / Vintage Direct Primary Care

Dr. Peter Lehmann is a Board-Certified Family Physician who has practiced Family Medicine since 1996 as a shareholder owner of Doctors Clinic, a privately owned multispecialty group of 60+ physicians in Kitsap County, providing fee for service traditional outpatient medical care. Continue reading

Aaron Hendon / Christine & Company

Aaron Hendon is a Seattle Realtor, real estate investor, author, educator and speaker. He is managing partner of Christine & Company, a Seattle Magazine awarded, Five Star Real Estate Agent, winning team for the past 6 years and an individual Rising Star in Seattle Real Estate winner. Continue reading

Kip Boyle / Cyber Risk Opportunities

Kip Boyle is the CEO of Cyber Risk Opportunities, whose mission is to help executives become more proficient cyber risk managers. He has over 24 years of cybersecurity experience serving in such roles as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for PEMCO Insurance and Director of Wide Area Network Security for the F-22 Raptor. Continue reading

Mike Anderson / PayNorthwest

Mike Anderson is the Founder and CEO of PayNorthwest – a Human Capital Management software and services firm focused on helping small and mid-size organizations more effectively manage their workforce. Over Mr. Anderson’s 25 year career he has worked both the system and the human side of organizations, both as an owner and as an employee. Continue reading

Paul Menig / Tech-I-M

Tech-I-M is a business accelerant, helping companies drive faster, profitable results. We get you more money from business, especially when exiting, and more time for life while building your future. We examine 7 forces external and internal to your business helping determine long range strategy and near term business actions. Continue reading