Jackie Wood / SparkWood Events

Jackie Wood is the founder and Chief Experience Officer of SparkWood Events. She brings over 25 years of corporate marketing, strategy and event planning experience. With positions at both large corporations such Starbucks and Washington Mutualin additional to start-ups such as Qpass and Kozmo.com, she provides the leadership and overall big picture thinking for the team in addition to event execution. Continue reading

Arti O’Brien / Advanced Government Services

Arti is a self-driven and results oriented, strategic entrepreneur with 30 plus years of documented successes in business development, brand development and leading to increased sales.  She is a savvy negotiator leading to win/win results while effectively managing all facets of highly successful strategic initiatives. Continue reading

Hugh Blane / Claris Consulting

Hugh Blane is the president of Claris Consulting and is an advisor to executives and entrepreneurs for creating dramatic, positive and measurable change in the leadership of individuals and teams: guaranteed!

His work centers on helping executives and entrepreneurs challenge assumptions Continue reading

Russell Fuller / Fuller Living Construction

In the span of six years, Russell had transformed every section of the 1910 craftsman, including fully remodeling the basement and attic into separate apartment units. With an assortment of talents in his tool belt – from electrical and plumbing to carpentry and design Continue reading

Seattle Two-Year Look Back Special

Celebrating two years of Seattle Shrimp Tank and looking back at the common entrepreneurial elements of 48 past guests that have been on the show! Continue reading